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Disposable medical safety masks

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Disposable / Safety protection / Anti bacteria

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 3Dmesh filter structure, strong barrier bacterial droplet
  • Stretch out your 360-degree breathing space to reduce facial pressure
  • Three layers of fabric barrier efficient physical interception
  • Double layer filtration of 25g non-woven particles
  • Wide flat high elastic ear band,Elastic lasting flexible and gentle, no pressure no ear

Product Details

Medical-grade special material to protect against germs

Make each breath more reassuring

Disposable medical masks series

Three layers of filter fabric care for respiratory health.

Double layer protection non - woven cloth foam more anti - bacteria.

25g high viscosity non-woven cloth to highly filter external germs.

25g skin-friendly non-woven fabric with deep filtration leaves out bacteria.

25g 95 spray spray electrostatic adsorption effect ≥95%.

The multi-layer fold design covers the nose and mouth in all directions.

Product parameters

Product name: disposable medical mask

Product model: k-002

Product specification: 17.5cm * 9.5cm

Packing specification: 20*10*10.5cm

Gross weight per box: 192g

FCL net weight: 5.76kg

FCL: 30 boxes/carton, 1500 PCS

Product color: blue

Wearing style: ear-hanging

Shenzhen Huayuan Havepur Medical Technology Co., Ltd

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