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We must not slacken our efforts to prevent and control the global epidemic
Release time: 2020-05-27 18:14:47  Hits: 382

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, a sudden outbreak of covid-19 virus came to the forefront. Up to now, the epidemic prevention and control is still going on, which concerns the safety and health of the people.

At present, as the epidemic situation in China is under more stable control, the Chinese government as well as many organizations and individuals are collecting and preparing emergency masks from Iran, Japan, the republic of Korea, the Philippines and other countries in the world in the form of love and assistance, and providing warm assistance for the health protection of people all over the world.

The "heroes" of each era are not the same, whether it is the Chinese medical workers who go to the front, or the medical workers and volunteers who go abroad to rescue the wounded and rescue the dying.

At this time, what we can do is to work side by side with Havepur to protect ourselves and contribute our share to the health protection of more people around the world. Together, we will fight against the epidemic and overcome the difficulties.

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