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We are all united in our fight against the epidemic
Release time: 2020-05-27 18:06:57  Hits: 388

Havepur, as the project section of engeyuan great health, focuses on the development of medical and health care, personal care, family care, maternal and child care and other fields. As the main development project at present, masks are invested and supported by the group to contribute to the global mission of fighting the "epidemic".


The sudden outbreak of epidemic, let the world people gradually realized the importance of health, at the same time, the national and global economic downturn period, therefore, we have mask project's start, in the practice of "one world, one of the earth's" fate "community" concept, and to help more and more people to protect health, through.

Following the mask project, in the future, Havepur will continue to deepen and expand its health service projects on top of the existing big health field, so as to bring more professional health protection to people in China and even the whole world.

The epidemic has not yet ended, and the protection work still cannot be slackened. May the epidemic be eradicated as soon as possible, may the whole world get out of this predicament as soon as possible, and may everyone be safe and healthy! Come on China! Go world!

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