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The production quality is reliable and fully supplied to the market
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Shenzhen Huayuan Havepur Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Huayuan Havepur"), as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Huayuan Health Industry Investment Co., Ltd., is a cutting-edge technology enterprise focusing on the production of medical and daily necessities, integrating R&D and sales. Its products cover many fields such as medical and health care, personal care, home care, maternal and child care, etc., and it has its own "Havepur" brand.

As the main development project of "Huayuan Havepur", the Group gives full investment support. Now it has 2500 square meters of 100,000-class clean and dust-free workshops, 120 square meters of 10,000-class clean testing rooms, 10 automatic equipment production lines, and has the hardware and software conditions for producing sterile medical devices. The daily production of masks is about 1 million.

"Huayuan Havepur" has advanced and highly automated production process and technology of medical protective equipment in China, and provides customers with high-quality services and high-quality products through perfect quality assurance system and modern management means. Up to now, all the products produced by "Huayuan Havepur" have obtained the production license of the national authoritative testing organization and won the qualification of selling at home and abroad. For example, the medical device production license of SFDA, the disposable mask T/CTCA 7-2019 standard certification, the disposable medical mask obtained the registration certification of SFDA, met the general inspection YY.T 0969-2013 and Nelson1289179-S01 standards, etc., and the medical surgical mask obtained the registration certification license of SFDA, and KN95 mask has passed SGS EN149-2001 and GB 2626-201.


At the same time, Havepur, as the own brand of "Huayuan Havepur", practices the concept of "destiny community" of "one world, one earth", focuses on domestic and foreign, and comprehensively launches online and offline distribution channels, such as online Alibaba International Station, 1688, global sources, Pinduoduo and other platforms, and cooperates with many pharmacies to carry out long-term cooperation, helping more and more people guard their health and tide over difficulties.

The epidemic situation is not over yet, and the protection work cannot be slacked off. In the future, "Huayuan Havepur" will always adhere to the high-quality development direction, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, continue to deepen and expand health service projects, and continue to iteratively update the quality of masks, so as to bring more professional health protection to people in China and even the whole world.

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