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Strong professional strength drives the layout of production lines
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As a subsidiary of Huayuan Health, Huayuan Havepur has rich professional production experience because of its strong hardware conditions and reserve of professional and technical personnel. Huayuan Havepur will quickly complete the product line layout in 2020, and quickly realize high-quality mass production. Apart from the consistent day and night struggle, it mainly relies on strong professional strength.


 First of all, Huayuan Havepur not only has factory workshops, but also has professionally equipped R&D laboratories and dozens of R&D personnel, which inspect and supervise the protective ability of mask raw materials, and carry out real-time inspection and upgrade innovation for mask quality, so as to escort the smooth production of the factory.


Secondly, high-quality masks are inseparable from clean rooms, professional equipment and professional elite teams. Huayuan Havepur not only creates a clean and sterile production environment, but also has professional armed equipment in and out of workshops, and more than 10 professional production lines. Each production line, including various gears, chains, rollers, rollers and other parts, is monitored by professionals in real time, which not only achieves a daily output of about 1 million, but also ensures the quality of each mask from raw materials to shipment. Each mask has passed the appraisal of the food and drug supervision department.


Nowadays, Huayuan Havepur mask production line is running at full capacity, and will strive to help alleviate the shortage of masks at home and abroad. At present, it has won the cooperation and support of many pharmacies and offline stores, providing strong material support for winning the epidemic battle, and has officially opened the international market in 2020, providing security protection for the whole world.

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