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Masks are guarded by love, and the whole family is healthy and worry-free
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I have crossed bridges in many places,Having seen clouds many times,Have drunk many kinds of wine,I've only loved one who is just the best age.-Shen Congwen Love is the most moving language in the world, the romantic promise of holding your hand, and the daily necessities of your life,The happiest appearance in life is to love each other. Love is not only a moment of heartache, but also a kind of appreciation, and it is a long time of mutual mourning and protection.When you are happy, someone will laugh with you. In the storm, we are the warmest harbor for each other.As Shu Ting said, we share the cold wave, wind and thunder, and thunder; We share mist, mist and rainbow. It's like being separated forever, but being dependent for life. This year's Qixi Festival, shrouded in the epidemic, was mixed with some helplessness.There are no flower dates in previous years, no romantic surprises Meet with a mask, or have a "cloud date".Even seeing each other's appearance seems to be a luxury ... It is this special period that makes us see clearly what love really looks like. The best romance of Qixi Festival this year,It's not flowers and chocolates, it's not sweet words,It is the "mask" that gives ta a sufficient sense of security~~


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