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Havepur has a general core productivity line
Release time: 2020-09-11 14:17:21  Hits: 409

In order to quickly meet the global mask production demand, Havepur started the high-speed operation mode of the production line. On the basis of quality and quantity assurance, Havepur continuously upgraded the production equipment, accelerated the production speed and improved the product quality.

Havepur has its mask products, disposable masks, disposable surgical masks, surgical and medical KN95 etc. Various types of masks, possess strong filtering performance, make masks protective effect, to meet the needs of different scenarios of protection, sterilization rate achieves 95% or more, truly the different requirements of safety and health protection.

At present, the average daily output of huayuan masks is about 1 million. In the future, Havepur will continue to expand its production facilities to increase the output and meet the global mask supply demand.

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