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Big health industry poised for post-epidemic era
Release time: 2020-05-27 18:19:19  Hits: 383

In the "post-epidemic era" when the epidemic gradually subsided, people's awareness of national health care has been greatly improved, and people's demand for health has become more and more vigorous. The era of comprehensive development of the big health industry is coming.

In a broad sense, big health industry refers to the industrial system related to people's physical and mental health. It is an industrial chain covering the whole population and the whole life cycle with health and longevity as the ultimate goal. In addition to sub-industries such as health care, medical equipment, medical supplies, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, it also includes sports and fitness, health maintenance and maintenance, health management, as well as wholesale, retail and rental services of products directly related to health.


Prevention is better than cure. In recent years, China's big health industry is still in the primary stage of development. With the growth of China's economy and the aging of the population, people's concept of health is constantly improving, and big health has become a sunrise industry. According to the goal of the outline of "healthy China 2030" plan, the health industry will develop into a pillar industry of the national economy. By 2020, the market size of the big health industry brought by "healthy China" is expected to reach 10 trillion yuan. It will exceed 16 trillion by 2030.

At the same time, the outbreak of the epidemic has had a strong driving influence on people's health consumption habits. The market size of health protection, service +, cloud and other segments is rapidly expanding and entering a sustainable growth trend.

Big health industry layout, on the one hand, can take the lead in grasping the opportunities for development, seize market dividends, on the other hand, the company's business will continue to upgrade the industry, conform to the current operation and development, adhering to the "standardized, scientific and internationalization, ZeRenHua" management style, contributing to national health age tenacity.

Havepur will always adhere to the direction of high-quality development, actively practice social responsibility, and gradually fully implement the concept of "great health" development. With the update and perfection of future instruments and equipment,Havepur will further accelerate its development.

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