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Autumn and winter are coming, don't forget to wear a mask!
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Autumn and winter are the high incidence seasons of respiratory infectious diseases, and there is a risk of overlapping pneumonia epidemic situation and respiratory infectious diseases epidemic situation in COVID-19. Scientific wearing of masks is still an important means of personal protection against respiratory infectious diseases in autumn and winter. Please don't forget to wear masks. 1. Personnel with fever, stuffy nose, runny nose, cough and other symptoms and related accompanying personnel must wear masks when going to medical institutions or public places (occasions). 2. During the on-the-job period, relevant employees must wear masks (including medical personnel in medical institutions, employees in public service industries, and staff engaged in epidemic prevention and control, etc.) according to the practice standards and relevant regulations. 3. Take rail transit, public transportation or long-distance buses, and enter places where there are clear requirements in medical institutions, welfare institutions and schools, and must wear masks. 4. The elderly, infirm and patients with chronic diseases are advised to wear masks when going out. 5. It is recommended that individuals carry masks with them. In confined spaces, crowded areas and when close contact with others is needed, it is recommended to wear masks as appropriate. Hand washing is an important measure to prevent infectious diseases. Wash hands with soap, hand sanitizer and running water. At the same time, it is recommended that you take hand disinfectants with you when you go out, and disinfect your hands in time when you do not have the conditions to wash your hands. To sum up, it is necessary to get into the habit of wearing a mask, especially in autumn and winter, and pay attention to the prevention of infection. Moreover, masks can not only help us resist wind and cold and prevent diseases, but also isolate the floating dust in the air and protect our respiratory health.

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