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High-efficiency production, double peace of mind
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At present, the epidemic situation in novel coronavirus is still spreading, and the production capacity of masks in China is still recovering nervously. In this special period, Huayuan Havepur still brings people a comfortable and comfortable "nanny-style" production environment with high efficiency and peace of mind.


Walking into the production workshop, we can see that all automatic mask production lines are working. All technicians wear masks, gloves, shoe covers and protective clothing. Each production line is equipped with several personnel for production inspection. With the stable operation of the equipment, after slicing, edging, spot welding and other procedures, one mask is repeatedly inspected, sorted, counted and bagged from raw materials to molding.

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The masks produced by Huayuan Havepur are never ambiguous in packaging. Generally, masks are used to control the bacterial content of masks mainly through clean workshops, personnel hygiene control and other measures.


Medical-grade masks should be sterilized to a higher degree. After disinfection and packaging, the residual ethylene oxide in masks should be statically analyzed. Not only the inner packaging is set to avoid the mask from contacting with external pollution, but also the mask is boxed to further isolate the pollution and make it more comfortable to wear it cleanly.


Every production link brings us In addition to strict production lines and raw materials and quality of masks, generally speaking, the packaging of masks determines the safety of masks to a great extent.


Inferior packaging or even no packaging naturally cannot avoid secondary pollution, which makes masks lose basic safety protection measures.


The enterprise is fully put into production, the daily output of masks exceeds one million pieces, the production line runs efficiently, 100% factory direct supply, quality assured, safe and independent packaging, peace of mind guaranteed, and factory spot has been sold all over the world!

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